Dec 01 2016

The new hotel product for GTT should be a much more modern and user-friendly approach to booking hotels for your customers. This new system, powered by Travelport, has far more inventory and flexibility for GTT Agents and we look forward to helping you provide a better service. Please review the “GETTING STARTED” and “USAGE TIPS” below.

The first thing you’ll want to do is update your USER INFO under the PROFILES tab.

On that page, you will see a button EDIT OWN PROFILE – click on that

Please ensure your Name and Email address are correct, and add your contact phone number. This is the number that will show if you want to receive text notifications about bookings. Note: you MUST have the country code in this field (011 for US).

At the bottom of this page are Booker’s preferences. We recommend the following changes:

  • Check the “Email confirmation” check box
  • Set Area Unit to Square Feet (sqf)
  • Change Date format to MMddyy

And click SAVE button when you are done. You are now ready to use the system!

  • The Calendar is European format, IE the first day of the week is Monday, not Sunday like here in the US:

  • When looking at search results, the initial price is rarely correct. That is from Cached data. Click the “RATES” button to show the real-time rates and availability. Also, these prices are EXCLUSIVE of taxes:

  • Click “CHOOSE” to book that room. The booking page has several items to be aware of:
    • Total price and Tax rate that will be charged to the users CC
    • Cancellation Policy for that Hotel, always verify
    • Hotel Details page – opens a window to show all the relevant hotel information

  • Always select “Other” for the traveler:

    The Input will change to this format where you can enter the traveler’s information. Please be sure to check the confirmation for email and optionally SMS. Note: SMS phone numbers MUST have the country code in front.

  • Consider using the Messages feature at the bottom of the booking page to thank the customer or give it your personal touch. This message will be shown on the confirmation email they receive.

  • ALWAYS use the BACK button rather than the browser “back” function if you need to return to the previous screen.

  • You can view, cancel, modify your bookings under the RESERVATIONS tab.